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HelloScience incubation model

Incubator Platform

What we can potentially provide

– financial support through grants
– affordable space for startups
– access to equipment and business services
– network of mentors and fellow entrepreneurs

NX Filtration

October 18-23, 2020

Test results of the collaboration will be presented in IWA World Water Congress in Copenhagen, 2020.

Research and documentary film

My journey with HelloScience started back in 2012 when I began writing my PhD thesis on collaboration between Novozymes and Philosophy of Science at Roskilde University. The question was how Novozymes could accelerate their collaboration with the external world. To study collaboration, I travelled around the world to talk to leaders and pioneers in the field. Today, with a fantastic team of creatives involved, it is a great honour to be able to translate those theoretical insights into HelloScience.

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