The global COVID-19 pandemic has been responsible for significant turmoil around the world, and the impact on gatherings and travel has been substantial and most UNGA events have gone online – this has certainly helped to open doors to participation from people and groups who wouldn’t usually be able to attend.

Business Fights Poverty, the world’s largest business-led network for social impact, contributed last week to helping make UN75 the most representative General Assembly to date by exploring, in a very practical way, how business and its partners can help create an equitable and resilient future.

Throughout the week important topics were discussed including how we can create an equitable world, help build resilient livelihoods and help people survive and thrive.


Ester Baiget, CEO of Novozymes opened the proceedings on Friday during a fireside chat with Yvette Torres-Rahman, Co-Founder of Business Fights Poverty on the importance of system-level partnerships and the talks about HelloScience.

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