START-UP GUIDES: Investments, Intellectual Property and Data

Kromann Reumert – as a key stakeholder in the HelloScience ecosystem – has created these handy guides for start-ups that are looking for insights into investments, intellectual property (IP) rights and personal data from a legal perspective – highlighting key areas to consider and pay attention to when running your business.

“We know that not all of the legal considerations that go into starting a business are always top of mind for entrepreneurs – so hopefully these guides can provide a helpful overview.

Anne Cathrine Dahlgaard Hansen
Attorney, Kromann Reumert

Kromann Reumert Startup Guides

1. Startup guides introduction 

Question: Please give us a brief introduction to the guides: How they can be valuable to startups in the HelloScience community?

Answer: We hope that the guides can provide some key thoughts and high level points that they should have in mind: From our experience the areas we have focused on are the areas where we often see start-ups experience some difficulties – or in some cases are simply just not aware of them. Of course, it should be noted that the lists are not exhaustive, but they should give an overall idea of the pit falls, and provide some useful insights, from a legal perspective.   

2. Kromann Reumert and HelloScience relation and offering

Question: You have an important position in the HelloScience ecosystem serving as a leading ecosystem stakeholder around legal support – what do you aim to offer to the HelloScience community/startups?  

Answer: HelloScience provides a unique platform for fostering collaborations between various stakeholders and parties who each contribute with their own core expertise. Where Kromann Reumert’s core expertise can come into play is by offering legal guidance to selected start-ups in the HelloScience ecosystem. In practical terms, this means providing insight on areas including market standards and best practices, with a view to getting the business ready and accelerating the most optimal way from a legal perspective. The aim is to try limit future or unwelcome surprises and issues going forward, and to focus on creating the conditions for success.  

We are delighted to continue to have the team from Kromann Remeurt as a valued member of the HelloScience Community and Ecosystem, helping add real value to our approach to collaborative innovation.

Justin Perrettson
Head of Sustainability Partnerships, Scouting & Ventures
, Novozymes

3. Call to action 

Question: Do you have any thoughts for a start-up that is looking into legal issues and considering getting legal advice or support?   

Answer: A business where issues such as governance, structuring and legal considerations like IP have been addressed early can become valuable later on – especially if you plan to seek additional finance or to take on external investors.   

You can read more about Kromann Reumert and access the guides here: