CWM – Collaborative Waste Management
CWM works to promote a sustainable lifestyle while reducing plastic waste along with a vision of a better waste management…
CoStrong is a learning community that provides regular peer-to-peer mental health groups at primary schools in Greenland.
AOE Team 11
The digital platform for gender equality in the Arctic
The NAWS Project
We want to increase the number of women in the shipping industry by combining an informative campaign with resources and…
AOE Team 6
We would like to educate the locals (indigenous people of the Arctic Alaska) that it is possible to use their…
The Greenlandic Guides platform
The youth of Greenland face limited options that we wish to adress, by utilizing the country's future opportunities including the…
If not uranium, then what?
In this project, we propose wind energy as an alternative to uranium mining in order to develop Greenland's economy and…


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