Mental Health in Greenland
We strive to tackle Mental Health in the state of Greenland. In order to approach this situation, we have proposed…
Mental health in Greenland
In Greenland, climate change can impact the health and wellbeing of people both directly and indirectly. “Directly” means the effects…
E-Libra: Connecting youth
E-Libra the virtual library for everyone! Bringing youth in the region together
Kaffe Bueno
Objective 2020: Enhance the value of our Kaffe Bueno Oil using enzymes enabling us to upcycle even more coffee grounds
LAMPlight Diagnostics
LAMPlight Diagnostics is a startup making a platform for fast pathogen detection to be used in food production, outcompeting current…
Working on SDG 3 - Good Health & Wellbeing
AQVITA : your favorite water on tap
Aqvita ambitions to change the way we consume mineral water. Aqvita's products help consumers recreate their mineral and functional waters,…
Possible partners
Who should be our next HelloScience Human Health partner?
SolarSack: Phase 2
THE PROBLEM 2 billion people currently don’t have access to safe drinking water. THE SOLUTION SolarSack provides a household water…



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