SolarSack: Expanding the market
SolarSack has proven is worth in the Kyangwali project and are now ready to expand with a focus on CSR…
SolarSack: Phase 4
Follow the journey of SolarSacks scale up now with a bullet proof product, a stonger team and 25.000 bags to…
Chelators & NXFiltration
80% of wastewater goes directly into nature without being cleaned for contaminants first. This is a huge problem, because wastewater…
SolarSack: Phase 1
SolarSack started as the master's project of Alexander Løcke and Louise Ullmann from Industrial Design at Aalborg University.
SolarSack: Phase 2
THE PROBLEM 2 billion people currently don’t have access to safe drinking water. THE SOLUTION SolarSack provides a household water…



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