Q&A with SKOSH: On exploring the future of clean with Novozymes

The SKOSH team Simon (left), Max (center), and Tom (right) are creating non-toxic cleaning solutions for our homes whilst reducing transportation weight and plastic waste. And like many simple things, it comes in a (very) small package.

Meet Skosh

The word “skosh” comes from Japanese. It means “a tiny bit” or “a small amount”. They  chose the name because as every household already has the main ingredient for their cleaning solutions at home – tap water. Skosh aims to provide consumers with the last “small amount” needed to clean: Ingredients in form of a tablet.

Tom Hackenberg, Co-Founder & CFO of SKOSH, tells us about how they joined HelloScience and what they got out of the HelloScience ‘Future of Clean’ LiveLab. Dive into the Q&A and get to know the them.

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27 November, 2020

Q: Tom, can you tell us a bit about your company SKOSH and your product?

A: We have Skosh because we believe that the safety of both planet and people should not require any trade-offs – especially when it comes to the products we use every day! That’s why we developed a simple, local solution to a complex, global problem: With our cleaning agents in the form of tablets, we provide high-quality cleaning liquid while getting rid of plastic waste, toxic-ingredients and unnecessary CO2 emissions.

As Co-Founders, we all first met at Lund University and with great support from the startup Ecosystem in Sweden and Copenhagen and EIT Climate-KIC Nordic, we were invited to join the HelloScience platform. We currently offer our first-generation cleaning tabs for sale in Sweden achieving our initial first milestone release of 1000 tablets, and are following through on our vision to integrate microbial cleaning technology into our product to increase our positive impact. From the first meeting onwards , HelloScience and its ecosystem members have supported our vision and development-process substantially.

Q: What did you get out of joining HelloScience’s ‘Future of Clean’ LiveLab? 

A: The LiveLab was the perfect opportunity for us to share our vision with a large audience of scientists and experts from the industry as well as startups working towards the same goal. Being introduced to the HelloScience partners including Nilfisk and Novozymes and increasing our understanding of their positioning, as well as state-of-the art developments in the cleaning industry has been very valuable for us. The LiveLab also offered us the chance to network and connect directly with individuals offering support or advice.

“For Skosh, the LiveLab was the start for an interesting journey to explore the full potential of microbial cleaning together with Novozymes and the HelloScience ecosystem.

It marks an important step towards our vision of getting rid of plastic and toxic ingredients in cleaning products. We are very excited for what this journey holds for us and the future of cleaning.”

Tom Hackenberg, Co-Founder & CFO

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Q: What did you get out of the first collaborative meeting with Novozymes, and what do you imagine this could lead to? 

A: The initial touchpoint meeting with Novozymes offered interesting insights into Novozymes’ vision for probiotic cleaning, as well as their state-of-the art technology development. Since both Novozymes and ourselves are interested in scaling the use of microorganisms, we see potential to work together with the overall goal of achieving consumer and technology validation of probiotic solutions in sustainable cleaning tablets. We are excited that Novozymes has offered to provide some initial mentorship and inputs to us and we are very much looking forward to what opportunities this might bring.

“I love the concept and also the energy around it. I am happy to contribute to the mentoring of the project as a technical expert and we as Novozymes are excited to help out with some initial technical tests as well as provide samples to work with.”

Marta Kinnunen-Grubb, Industry Technology Specialist, Microbial Cleaning at Novozymes

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