Faced with some of the biggest challenges caused by the impact of Covid-19, industrial cleaning giant Nilfisk reached out to HelloScience and Novozymes to see what could be done to tackle this. Over the past months, the two organizations have worked to map out 5 key areas that they could focus on, and then engage with Innovators and Start-Ups to take them forward. To tell us more, we sat down with Camilla Ramby, the Executive Vice President of Nilfisk.

25 Sep, 2020

Q: Camilla, why are you supporting the „Impact the Future of Sustainable Cleaning” Challenge?

A: Cleaning has always been important. However, with the spread of COVID-19 the need for finding innovative and sustainable ways to clean is more important than ever. These are challenging times and they call for new partnerships, which is why we are excited to be part of this initiative.

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Q: Why have you chosen this collaborative partnership-driven approach to impact the SDGs instead of Nilfisk doing this alone?

A: Right now, we see a number of significant global challenges impacting people, societies and businesses across the world. No company can solve these by itself. By working together in partnerships, we build on each other’s insights and knowledge and can hopefully come up with solution that none of us could have conceived on our own.

Q: Why do you think Novozymes and Nilfisk are a good fit and how do you think those two companies complement each other?

A: At Nilfisk, we have 114 years of cleaning expertise. We know what it takes to develop cleaning equipment that keep homes, hospitals and businesses clean and safe. Now we are able to pair that with Novozymes’ in-depth knowledge about enzymes and microorganisms as well as startup innovation to positively impact the future of cleaning together.

Q: What do you hope the startups can bring and how do you imagine Nilfisk could collaborate with them after the LiveLab?

A: We know that there is a great talent pool out there! By working with innovative startups and entrepreneurs, who might look at the global challenges related to cleaning in a different light than us, we are looking for new sustainable ways to detect clean in different environments as well as new intelligent cleaning solutions. So we are very determined to make this a collaboration with a real impact on our future pipeline.