Q&A with Anuj Dhariwal: On the HelloScience Challenge

Dr. Anuj Dhariwal from Novozymes on ground reflecting on COVID-19

In the light of COVID-19 cleaning and disinfecting have never been more important. Nilfisk and Novozymes are joining forces around HelloScience to explore sustainable cleaning with startups, researchers and students. Apply now to be a part of our LiveLab, and learn more about our thinking and ideas from Dr. Anuj Dhariwal, Global Head of Scouting & Venturing at Novozymes.

27 Aug, 2020

Q: What excites you most about the Open Challenge with Nilfisk?

A: One thing that has stood out from the very first conversations with Nilfisk about collaborating has been this amazing openness and willingness to try something different and new. Both organizations share a passion for technology and innovation on the one hand and sustainability on the other, although they traditionally operate in quite different fields. And its been great to start building a shared vision of what might be possible, and although like any pioneering activity you are never fully sure of the final outcome when you start, Iā€™m very confident that over time and by progressing together and with the HelloScience ecosystem, we will achieve some tangible results.

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Q: The world has changed due to COVID-19. How has Novozymes and HelloScience responded to this?

A: Firstly Novozymes as an organization focused short term on ensuring that our commitment to our employees, our customers, and the communities where we operate was stronger than ever. In addition to safeguarding the health of our employees and ensuring steady supply our products, we have also contributed to a series of projects and initiatives around the world to support for example education for disadvantaged students, to providing medical supplies and funding for hospitals. Read more here

But for Novozymes and HelloScience in particular, we recognized very early on that Covid-19 was going to present a number of short, medium and longer challenges. And the best way to take on a challenge is through creating opportunity. And by understanding how cleaning can be more sustainable and innovative, working with great companies like Nilfisk, enables us to all consider how new solutions can support a healthy environment, as well as seek to find and champion new ways of potentially combining existing ones.

Q: For the Open Challenge, what will success look like for you?

A: HelloScience has always had the intention to cover as many different Sustainability issues and SDGs as possible. And with Sustainable Cleaning and as Covid-19 has also shown us, there is so much to learn about the world, and how we need to ā€“ and can – respond and adapt. I would break success down into several areas: Firstly, if we can source and support some fantastic new ideas and new companies working in this space and help them grow, and second, that we raise the profile of what Sustainable Cleaning and health can do in terms of positive benefits and start a real conversation about that.