Q&A: Next level collaboration with Kromann Reumert

Anne Cathrine Dahlgaard Hansen and Heela Lakanval, both working for Denmark’s leading law firm Kromann Reumert

HelloScience has had the pleasure to work with Anne Cathrine Dahlgaard Hansen, Assistant Attorney at Kromann Reumert, several times. Currently, she is helping take our collaborative relationship to the next level. What follows is a Q&A with Anne Cathrine on the future collaboration with Kromann Reumert.

Kromann Reumert employs a team of almost 500 dedicated people, who work together to provide quality services for its clients. Currently, their employees include around 300 lawyers covering a long list of practice areas.

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26 June, 2020

Q: What characterizes Kromann Reumert as a law company? 

A: I would characterise Kromann Reumert as a firm with strong core values and high ethical standards. Kromann Reumert is an ambitious workplace where collaboration and new ideas are applauded. We live by the mantra of setting the standard – together!

“HelloScience is a unique platform for fostering collaboration between different parties, where each party can contribute with their core expertise towards finding solutions to some of the world’s biggest challenges.”

Oliver Machholdt, Partner, Attorney, Kromann Reumert

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Q: What motivates you most collaborating with open innovation and HelloScience? 

A: Open innovation fits perfectly with Kromann Reumert – Knowledge sharing is our way of carrying on business; we live by our knowledge and we find knowledge-sharing with clients, partners, and society in general really important.

Personally, I look forward to meeting many more of the interesting people that are involved in HelloScience in order to learn further of their views, ideas and challenges – and hopefully providing some (legal) solutions to these challenges. Seeing others succeed and knowing that you made a difference at some stage of the process is a great motivation for me.

Q: HelloScience is in the process of extending its collaborative agreement with Kromann Reumert. What is this about and what can the community expect? 

A: Green transition requires collaboration. We partnered with HelloScience to contribute to a better and more sustainable world by focusing on green and sustainable solutions. The community can expect workshops focusing on important legal issues to be taken into consideration when pursuing a great idea and starting a business.

Also, we expect to support entrepreneurs and start-ups with specific legal advice. Kromann Reumert’s legal advice aims to be practical, relevant and individually tailored to meet the specific needs of each client. It is our hope that many more start-ups will benefit from an early and to-the-point approach in order to observe their obligations and secure their rights. 

Q: How do you visualize the future of Kromann Reumert with HelloScience? 

A: We will focus on what we do best and that is to provide legal insights and advice. I do foresee that HelloScience will grow bigger and include many more dedicated partners with a strong interest and commitment to changes toward a more sustainable society. We are well on our way if everybody – companies as well as individuals – provide just a little bit of their knowledge and time. That is the essence of HelloScience – an ecosystem of sharing!

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