Gladsaxe is a part of the Greater Copenhagen area, and is one of the fastest growing and largest business areas in Denmark. It places a strong focus on sustainable growth and business possibilities linked to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The HelloScience “Future of Clean” LiveLab has helped bring together stakeholders in the area to help challenge what “Clean” means, creating new relationships and new opportunities.

Freja Ludvigsen, Chief Consultant of Gladsaxe Municipality updates us.

Status Report

As a part of our build back better business strategy in Gladsaxe in response to COVID-19, we are focusing on the potential of innovation in the hygiene and cleaning industry. The impact of COVID-19 means there will be opportunities for new products and services that can bring people safely back to work and leisure without damaging the environment. Gladsaxe has some of the largest corporations in Denmark and as a business development manager for the Municipality I created a hub where we can explore new products and services together. We aim to combine the scale of large companies with the speed of the small startups. This has led to ISS Denmark, Berendsen, Forenede Service, Novozymes, MoveInnovation, Gladsaxe Intern Service and startups engaging in an open, confident dialogue on new business opportunities, and HelloScience has also participated.

At our first meeting in September we identified four lines of innovation:

Sustainable cleaning

Biological solutions

Datadriven solutions

Behavioral design

Our first line of innovation is centered around Novozymes probiotic surface cleaners. We are currently co-designing an initial test in the headquarters of ISS Denmark, Forenede Service og Partneren in Gladsaxe that will be undertaken at the start of 2021. From a Gladsaxe Municipality perspective, I hope that this work support the development and deployment of new products and solutions for sustainable cleaning service that are affordable, safe, better for the environment, as well as those working in the cleaning industry.

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