Patent Protection on HelloScience

HelloScience and Patent Protection

We understand that first-time contributors might feel reluctant about sharing their ideas on an open platform. At HelloScience, we believe that patent protection shouldn’t stand in the way of collaboration, which is essential to bring ideas from paper to application.  

What is a patent?

A patent for an invention is the grant of a property right to the inventor(s).

A patent covers an invention which means an inventive/non-obvious, novel (i.e. not published before) and useful solution to a technical problem.

Patents are granted for a period of 20 years from the application date, and they provide the right to exclude others from exploiting the invention during that period.

So When Do I Patent?

Open innovation and patent protection can go hand in hand if the timing is right. Many valuable discussions can take place in an open environment without compromising your patent position, as long as you do not disclose non-obvious, novel and detailed solutions to specific technical problems.

When open innovation leads to the identification of one or more commercially relevant problems at a detailed level, it is time to consider patent protection. It is not trivial to identify whether a detailed solution is non-obvious and novel, but HelloScience has experts that can give you further guidance.  

Cross-disciplinary Collaboration

When scientists within different disciplines work together they might create new insights and solutions to complex problems. In other words, your skills and insights may seem somewhat trivial to you, but your expert knowledge in conjunction with complementary insights from different disciplines, is the basis for accelerating from idea to impact!

If you have any specific questions about patent protection on HelloScience, you can contact our legal experts Gert and Claus.

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