Partnership and collaboration is needed to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

HelloScience was initiated by Novozymes, but in December 2017 Grundfos joined and became a collaborative partner. As we move on to new challenges, we expect to welcome new selected partnerships. As partners we support the brightest entrepreneurial solutions by offering mentorships, global networking opportunities and a technical toolbox.

At Novozymes we know we don’t have all the answers. Substantial global challenges exist for many reasons across many dimensions and no single solution or technology will solve it alone. Therefore, we believe collaborative approaches across borders, expertise, and technologies are necessary. Our strategy is to “partner for impact”, HelloScience is in this regard a natural extension of how we wish to evolve.

Grundfos believes that we can do the most, when we collaborate. We have a leading knowledge in water technology, and we have the skills to solve some of the world’s alarming water and climate issues. But we can do more, when we combine our efforts. By being part of HelloScience, we get to see what we can do, by combining our expertise and hardware with biotechnology and a world of new ideas.