Rethink the Future of Food

To feed the growing population within planetary boundaries we need to rethink how protein is made and sourced. We are inviting start-ups, research centers, academics, corporations, NGOs and public entities to join us in the Myco-Protein Innovation Call – a platform to catalyze collaborations and business growth by scaling up the most promising innovations around myco-proteins and fungal mycelium.

Our Focus Areas

New technologies to cultivate fungal mycelium

New processes, methods and technology within liquid/solid fermentation incl. media, new formats (tanks/equipment), automated continuous systems, etc.​

Up-grade of waste-streams by fungal fermentation

Use of waste-streams to generate food products. Alternative sources of substrate coming from waste-streams to be used in the process of food production through fermentation.

New ways of using fungal mycelium as protein ingredients in food products

Protein enrichment of food products through better strains, better processing, etc.

Improvements of nutritional value of plant protein sources by fermentation

Fungal fermentation to reduce antinutritional factors, increase content of vitamins and essential amino acids​ – including co-fermentation with bacteria, yeast, etc.

Characterization & analytical tools

Easy and fast tools to analyse and evaluate the positive benefits from fungal fermentation (bioavailability, content of antinutritional factors, mycotoxins, functionalities & sensorial aspects, etc.)

What’s in it for you?

Scaling up myco-protein through collaboration

Let’s co-develop the future of food! The Myco-Protein Innovation Call is built to form collaborations, grow businesses and scale-up the most promising myco-protein innovations. We’ll select the best fitting projects, and design customized collaborations which leverage different aspects of Novozymes world-leading scientific and business expertise. Potential collaboration opportunities include:

  • Co-development & Joint Venturing opportunities

    Co-development & Joint Venturing opportunities

  • Access to our R&D experts and labs

    Access to our R&D experts and labs

  • Access to business and marketing professionals

    Access to business and marketing professionals

  • Access to distribution channels

    Access to distribution channels

  • Potential investment

    Potential investment

Strong collaboration is built on trust and mutual benefit. You’ll retain all of your intellectual property, and we’ll work to find ways to scale up and enhance technologies together.

The Journey

The Myco-Protein Innovation Call application is now open, so apply today! Applications are accepted on an on-going basis, and there are two key dates where our team will review applications: November 15th, 2021 and January 31st, 2022. You’ll hear a response from our team by no later than one month after each of these review dates. Select teams will be invited for interviews with Novozymes experts, and finally a small cohort of teams will be offered customized collaboration opportunities with Novozymes (see the section above for details).

Our Experts

Novozymes has brought together a group of leading scientists and experts to provide insight, guidance, and collaboration throughout the Myco-Protein Innovation Call.

Join the Myco-Protein Innovation Call!

Together we can build the future of food. Apply today!