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Grundfos, Novozymes and NX Filtration collaborate for clean water

Enzymes, water technology and membranes are put together in a new open innovation collaboration. The aim is to remove pesticides and other contaminants from drinking water sources.


Enzymes specialist Novozymes and water technology expert Grundfos enter an explorative collaboration with the Dutch start-up NX Filtration, a company specialised in membrane technology.


“We are privileged to be part of this initiative. Our innovative nanofiltration technology is capable of selectively removing small organic compounds from fresh water sources, which enables new applications such as the removal of pharmaceutical residues, pesticides and other contaminants in the production of drinking water. Combining our technology with the expertise of Novozymes and Grundfos, enables this collaboration to create something new, which can truly make a difference,” says Erik Roesink, General Manager at NX Filtration.


The collaboration is based on the open innovation platform called HelloScience. The purpose is to develop new, efficient and reliable solutions to remove pesticides and pharmaceutical residues from drinking water sources.


“We are talking about large amounts of contaminated freshwater sources that are left untapped, unless treated correctly. We are looking at a solution, which in a cost-efficient and effective way can make the water safe to drink. This can have a direct and positive impact on the fight to make water available to all as specified by the UN in the Sustainable Development Goals,” says Henrik Juul Nielsen, Senior Manager, Future Options & Innovation Management at Grundfos.


In broad terms, the solution the three companies are collaborating on revolves around integrating enzymes into the membrane filtration process to create a solution, which can remove emerging contaminants from water to an extent that makes it safe to drink. This is to be combined with monitoring systems and effective water solutions to create new technological answers to this challenge, which are both effective and reliable.


“This is a great example of what we are working for with HelloScience and open innovation. We have discovered new competencies and put them to play with our proven competencies to solve some of the greatest challenges connected to securing safe water,” says Daniel Cardinali, Head of Novozymes’ Innovation Office.


The first steps towards reaching fully functioning and deployed solutions have been made, and field tests will be initiated at Grundfos headquarters in Denmark.


The cooperation was started on the Novozymes-Grundfos-driven innovation platform HelloScience and it is the first example of a collaboration growing from this basis.

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