16.04.2018 HelloScience's Open Innovators #1 Kirk Schnorr

This is the first in a new series about the scientists and business experts behind HelloScience. What do they look for in the ideal challenge solution? Why do they think collaboration so valuable? And what are their hopes and expectations for HelloScience? In our first Open Innovators piece, we say hello to Kirk Schnorr, senior science manager at Novozymes.


16.04.2018 Novozymes and Grundfos kick off collaboration for clean water

Biology and pump technology are combined, when the two leading global players enter an open innovation collaboration to find new solutions to the world’s water challenges.

When you combine biotech with cutting-edge water technology, you might find new solutions to some of the most pressing global issues concerning water scarcity. Thereby, you can make a direct impact on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 6, aiming at securing universal access to water and sanitation by 2030.

16.04.2018 A very unlikely collaboration

Two days after the HelloScience launch, the team received a handwritten letter from Frank Vernon Jørgensen - an 84-year-old engineer who wanted to contribute to the project. 

A huge and heavy envelope was delivered shortly after the HelloScience launch. The envelope contained a lot of documents and a handwritten note from the engineer, Frank Vernon Jørgensen. The note started: 

“With my background in the EU and international work, as an 84-year-old I would like to offer you some input you can consider”

16.04.2018 Together we can accommodate the UN Sustainable Development Goals

According to professor Barth F. Smets many of the solutions for SDG’s can be found in microbial biology. All we need to do is collaborate. 

If we want to find the best possible solutions, we need to share our knowledge. Collaboration is the key component in Novozymes’ new knowledge sharing platform – also known as HelloScience. The goal is to accelerate biological solutions through sharing of expertise and through this collaboration face the challenges addressed in the UN SDG’s.

16.04.2018 HelloScience Update – The first month of action

Welcome to the HelloScience network and thank you for joining. More than 300 innovators have joined HelloScience since the launch September 21st and conversations and collaborations are flowing. So we are off to a good start!

The network is constantly developing, and in the coming months, we will roll out new features and improvements to better the experience and value for the network. To do this, we need your help. Please answer our 5 questions.