Novozymes Myco-Protein Innovation Call aims to drive cross-cutting collaborations to build the next generation of alternative protein solutions

Valerio Nannini, General Manager,
Novozymes Advanced Proteins Solutions 

Valerio leads new business and innovation for Novozymes, the world’s leading industrial biotechnology company, and its Proteins and emerging solutions areas. He is a longstanding Transformative business leader and innovation enabler. Prior to his role at Novozymes, he was former SVP, head of Strategies and Performance at Nestlé global HQ.

In order to feed a growing population within planetary boundaries, we need to rethink how protein is made and sourced. Transforming food systems at scale will require radical new forms of collaboration, that bring together the most cutting-edge scientific and business expertise from across the industries and sectors.

Rethinking the Future of Proteins
The recent U.N. Food System Summit set the stage to catalyze tangible, positive changes to the world’s food systems. Building on the strengths of the Summit, Novozymes, the world leader in biological solutions, wants to rethink the way we manufacture and source protein. Novozymes announced the launch of the Myco-Protein Innovation Call – a global platform to cultivate new business collaborations to scale up the most promising innovations and ideas around how to use fungi as a source of protein.

I believe we as a company are trying to put together cutting-edge science with business in order to rethink proteins for good – for planet, for health, for improved taste and experience. For that, we need a collaborative approach, working as fast as we can, and working across the whole ecosystem, with all stakeholders.

Valerio Nannini
General Manager, Advanced Protein Solutions

Novozymes has created a space where companies focused on new ways of working with myco-proteins can benefit from synergies across themes and functions. The Innovation Call invites start-ups, research centres, academics, industry players, NGOs, and public entities focused on new solutions using fungal mycelium and myco-protein in food ingredients and products. A selection of teams will be invited to co-create and innovate around the future of sustainable proteins in collaboration with Novozymes world-class scientific and business experts.

“We’re excited to see a great response from the ecosystem, we’ve already received a lot of great input and are starting to see submissions come in from around the world,” said Valerio Nannini of Novozymes. The Myco-Protein Innovation call will be open over the next few months and is inviting innovators and organizations to apply and explore possibilities for collaboration.

Valerio underscored the collaborative nature of building alternative protein futures, “It demands a change in the way we are going to approach the problems, where the mutual interests become more important than individual interests… Innovation is where business and creativity meet to create new value for society. And this new value is not necessarily only economic – it extends into the areas of sustainability and development, building a better planet for all.”

He also emphasized Novozyme’s commitments to building food futures, “At a time of accelerating opportunity demand across the protein space, Novozymes is strengthening its commitment to the area of Advanced Protein Solutions, built on a powerful portfolio of biotech solutions in the food and beverage areas. The Myco-Protein Innovation Call is a new commitment to the area, designed as an opportunity to leverage Novozymes’ global scientific and business leadership to support emerging innovations in the myco-protein space, and together we can build the future of food.”

Do you or your organization have a promising myco-protein or fungal mycelium based solution to help build the future of food? Apply to the Myco-Protein Innovation Call today.

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