Hi, I’m Jonathan, it’s a pleasure to connect with you.

Since my early teenage years, my interests have revolved around the sustainability agenda. For me, sustainability is rooted in the question of how we as humans can have a balanced relationship with nature, something I term as “The Good Life 2.0”. In its essence, I am driven by the quest to explore the opportunities through which we may enrich our lives, while simultaneously respecting planetary boundaries.

In 2006, I had my first real encounter with climate change when trekking across the Fox Glacier in New Zealand. The colossal mass of ice had shrunk significantly, and the evidence was right there in front of me. A local ecosystem out of balance. It made a permanent impression on me to witness first-hand the complex, interdependent relationship between our societal actions and global climate change.

The environmental crisis should lead to empathy, not apathy. Recently, I was inspired by the book “If We Act Now”, where some brilliant journalists detailed that the immense task of mitigating climate change is feasible and affordable. As the title suggests, we can be optimistic about meeting the 1.5 degree target of the Paris Agreement if we pull the best of our abilities together. It’s about changing old habits for the better. I think the pandemic has exemplified to many of us how important the natural world is to our well-being and that systemic change is actually within our reach.

After becoming a political scientist and having worked with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Environment of Denmark, I have seen sustainability rise to the top of the agenda of business leaders and decision-makers around the globe. It is apparent however, that organizations and government, not alone, but in unison, possess the skills to accelerate climate action – just as the authors of the book suggested.

That’s what really excites me about the HelloScience commnunity. That while we are rapidly approaching the climate tipping points, HelloScience can be a leading framework to building a sustainable future. Thanks to its collaborative approach, we can brings the best and the brightest minds from the private sector together with start-ups to create innovative, technological solutions. Solutions that will benefit citizens and enable us to live better lives in concert with our fragile biosphere.

I sincerely look forward to experiencing the ingenuity of the community and see how we can stand on the shoulders of each other. The best is yet to come.

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