What if we could budge that sludge in a more sustainable way?

We believe more intelligent solutions can benefit the sludge dewatering and disposal process in a disruptive and sustainable way. 


Specifically, we are looking for solutions that will ultimately create less sludge to be disposed off, reduce sludge management costs and/or convert sludge into a renewable resource using tolls such as biotechnology and intelligent process control.

Download the Full Challenge Brief for more details! 

This is the challenge for you if…

  • You want to help minimize unnecessary energy waste used in sludge reduction
  • You want to reduce the growing amount of landfills with sludge
  • You want to make sludge a valuable stream in the blooming circular Bio-economy

Submit your solutions and collaborate with startups, industry experts and NGO’s on HelloScience Collaboration space and get the ball rolling. 

More about the challenge

Water and sewage treatment plants produce millions of tons of sludge every single year. With booming populations and urban growth, the amount of sludge is growing exponentially – ultimately posing a very serious problem. 

There are ways to budge that sludge. But current solutions are extremely energy intensive and bad for both business and environment. 

 We need to find another way.

Wastewater on our planet, domestic and industrial, is probably the only resource that is increasing year-by-year in mass and volume! And yes, we should consider our wastewaters as a real resource – not a waste. Innovative biotechnological solutions are profoundly needed to recover all the resources hidden in our wastewaters. I hope that HelloScience can be the catalyst to bring creative ideas to those innovative solutions!

Barth F. Smets – Professor, Technical University of Denmark

Accelerate your project with a SciCube

Each month, we offer three unique SciCubes to the HelloScience community. To begin with, the winners of the SciCubes are selected by Novozymes. However, when we reach 100 collaborators, the power of choosing the winners will move to the community. 

Each SciCube* contains: 

  • A selection of enzyme and microbe samples from Novozymes. You can choose up to three samples in total. 
  • Cloud-enabled monitoring solution for one system including 1 year data subscription from Grundfos. 
  • Skype meetings with experts from Novozymes and Grundfos matching your specific business/technical needs. 
  • A one-hour Skype meeting with Novozymes’ waste water team and investments team and/or Grundfos business development team tailored to the needs of your business or solution. 

*All SciCube® winners have the right to file patents within the water challenge theme, and there is no obligation to develop or commercialise any project with a specific partner. Samples are only to be used within the challenge theme and a simple SciCube agreement must be signed to receive the SciCube

Win a co-development opportunity with Novozymes and/or Grundfos

Win a co-development opportunity with Novozymes and Grundfos.

The best idea across all five water challenges will get a co-development agreement with Novozymes and Grundfos.  

The winner will get expert resources valued up to US$100,000 as well as lab access for trials or prototyping and specialist expertise within R&D, commercial and IP. All tailored to the needs of the winner and all to help the winning solution to a better product and a faster route to market.