Let’s save lives together

We all know that clean water save lives; but making sure that water is safe to drink is not always easy. With a large part of the global population living in less developed and remote areas there is a need for fast, robust and low cost technologies to detect bacterial contamination. 


UNICEF needs your creativity, knowledge and expertise to identify easy-to-use and affordable detection methods that determine fecal contamination in as little as 30 minutes. 

Read more about the UNICEF challenge here

This is the challenge for you if…

  • You want to help millions of people gain access to clean water
  • You want to ensure safe sanitation
  • You want to support UNICEF in establishing good hygiene practices

Submit your solutions and collaborate with startups, citizenscience and NGO’s on HelloScience Collaboration space and get the ball rolling. 

More about the challenge

Today it takes up to 24 hours to trace bacterial contamination of water – which is unfortunately sometimes too late. Ensuring safe drinking water is not just a goal in its own right, but critical to achieve adequate nutrition, gender equality, education and the eradication of poverty

Novozymes wants to help, together with you and many others. And we believe that the following technologies can be paired into smart devices that solve this challenge and meet UNICEF’s needs.

  • Enzymatic detection
  • Bio-based circuits
  • Digital sensors

What we offer

The innovators with the best ideas will get the opportunity to meet with Novozymes’ scientists and experts from academia, to further discuss their solution to the UNICEF challenge.

Novozymes will offer to test and verify the viability of the most promising solutions. We will help determine and present the most workable solutions that can be taken forward to the next level. If the product development is successful, Novozymes will contribute in bringing together a group of interested parties to turn the solution into a real product that meets UNICEF’s needs