Dear collaborators,

HelloScience apologizes for the radio silence, but we have a big announcement for you. Since the launch of the platform last November, HelloScience has continued its successful growth and development. With ever-increasing numbers of projects many innovators and other stakeholders have expressed interest to engage further and have suggested opportunities to create an even greater impact together.

As the serial entrepreneur Torben Wind is putting it: 

“In the light of our global situation and current crises, it is clear how important digital collaboration tools are. To maximize the impact of HelloScience, it requires that HelloScience is rooted in a complementary collaboration across the right partners.”

To enable the HelloScience ecosystem to fully benefit from this potential, Novozymes will transfer day to day management and operations for HelloScience to The Collaboratorium, a not for profit organization that focuses on enhancing digital and physical collaboration, including Public-Private-Partnerships.

The Collaboratorium, who initially created the Thirdroom software that is being used for the HelloScience platform today, has already helped create the new architecture of the platform. Seeking to empower the green transition and problem solving around the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), it has digital incubation competencies that help engage and co-develop projects. The Collaboratorium’s experience and skillsets will be applied to driving collaborative innovation forward, and Novozymes will remain both engaged and involved as it seeks to enhance its own contributions alongside the other partners and collaborators within the HelloScience ecosystem.  

Alfred Birkegaard, Co-Founder and Director of the Collaboratorium said:

“In the post-corona era, digital collaboration between start-ups, corporates, organizations and universities becomes more important than ever.

I believe it’s a natural evolution to position HelloScience in the surrounding world of complementary partners in this way. I’m proud and humbled to lead the way in a strong collaboration with Novozymes and with a talented Collaboratorium team.”

The new arrangement between the two organizations is also designed to enable Novozymes to align its contributions and support for HelloScience more directly with its updated strategy and long-term targets, as well as more extensive interactions with its Research, Development and Technology competences. 

Commenting, Dr. Anuj Dhariwal, Global Head of Scouting & Venturing at Novozymes added:

” A new way of innovating is emerging between start-ups, corporates, universities and the public sector, and HelloScience has been at the forefront of this trend in recent years.

We hope that this new approach will support HelloScience and all those involved, working together across complex challenges in an increasingly interconnected world.”  

We are looking forward to a whole new era of open collaborative SDG innovation.

Your HelloScience Team