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Welcome to HelloScience – an ecosystem of scientists, business developers, lawyers, startups, thinkers and storytellers with one thing in common: We have a shared passion for open innovation, open science and groundbreaking collaboration around the sustainable development goals (SDGs).

How we bring Collaboration right to the edge of your fingertips

HelloScience Value Proposition

As a startup, you live with great risks, hard choices and the thrills of the uncertain, on HelloScience we help you bring your idea and experience to life for potential collaborators, founders and co-creators.

In a time of disrupting technologies and a rapidly changing market, your becoming part of a larger ecosystem is key for surviving competitors and obstacles. HelloScience let’s you find, connect and engage people with the skills and competences, experience and network needed to accelerate quickly.

Our offering is focused on sharing technology, innovation, and mentorship programs. We also offer microgrants and, in some cases, joint-venture and partnership agreements.

A common infrastructure for open and structural innovation, and radical collaboration that bridges silos, shares challenges, solutions and track impact.

For Startups
Short cut to your collaborative journey with corporations

For Corporates
Short cut to SDG innovation through startup collaboration

For Partners
New way of solving complex problems together, by collaborating and exchange resources

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Collaborative Incubation

Story behind HelloScience

HelloScience is a collaborative incubation platform that catalyzes and scales solutions across the world, in three key steps:

1) OPEN CHALLENGE: Addresses key challenges and invites people to submit ideas and solutions

2) LIVELAB: Facilitates events that bring together the most promising ideas with partners and collaborators who can support their growth

3) INCUBATION: Supports selected projects with mentorship and resources to accelerate their growth and impact

HelloScience is an SDG-focused innovation platform that aims to address many of the challenges outlined in the 2030 SDG Agenda.It was founded and initiated by Novozymes in 2017. In April 2020 Novozymes have transferred the day to day management and operations for HelloScience to The Collaboratorium, a not for profit organization that focuses on enhancing digital and physical collaboration, including Public-Private-Partnerships.

The Collaboratorium who has transitioned into THIRDROOM ApS, who initially created the Thirdroom software that is being used for the HelloScience platform today, has already helped create the new architecture of the platform. Seeking to empower the green transition and problem solving around the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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