HelloScience – Amplifying and Accelerating Sustainability, Collaboration and Innovation

Welcome to HelloScience – Novozymes’ open innovation and collaboration platform. A space for entrepreneurs, scientists, civil society, and corporate partners from around the world to connect and catalyze a more sustainable future.  HelloScience ® is an initiative established and founded by Novozymes in 2017 to address the world’s key challenges outlined by the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Enabling Conversations and Collaboration

Collaborating by Contributing

The HelloScience platform aims to enable mutually beneficial and rewarding partnerships through its stakeholder ecosystem.  Its online presence lets you find, connect and engage people, organizations and startups who have the necessary skills, experience, and networks.

For true collaboration and impact, it is essential to bridge cross cutting ideas with system thinking. We encourage everyone to contribute and engage actively in the ecosystem from day one, as we believe by sharing insights, contacts and information together, we increase the likelihood of helping each of us succeed.

Business and SDG Impact

Story behind HelloScience

HelloScience is a collaborative incubation platform that catalyzes and scales solutions across the world, in three key steps:

1) Discovering: Inviting people to submit ideas and solutions to key challenges, and sharing thought leadership across the ecosystem.

2) Collaborating: Facilitating online and/or physical activities to engage with potential partners and collaborators.

3) Growing: Supporting and championing selected projects to accelerate their growth and impact.

HelloScience is an innovation platform that encourages and supports collaboration with a sustainability edge.

HelloScience was founded by Novozymes in 2017. The platform and the day-to-day operations are managed on behalf of Novozymes by Thirdroom ApS.

For more information, see the annual report at the bottom of the page.

“By opening up innovation, we can enable cross-disciplinary collaboration between startups, corporates and the ecosystem around them. The Myco Open Innovation Call powered by Novozymes illustrates just how HelloScience can help disrupt the agri-food industry.”

– Ilanit Kabessa-Cohen, Agri-Food Tech & Corporate Venturing Expert

“HelloScience helped validate my thoughts and ideas and visualize them for others.”

– Rakesh Kasba, Founder, Jalodbust

HelloScience was the start for an interesting journey to explore the full potential of microbial cleaning together with Novozymes and the HelloScience ecosystem.”

– Tom Hackenberg, Co-Founder & CFO, SKOSH

The HelloScience Toolbox

Showcase the Journey

Document each step of your journey using the timeline, an easy way to visualize, track and communicate progress, to your peers and our community of mentors and engaged collaborators. Making a unique room for incubating your project and startup. See current project-timelines being incubated here!

Collaboration Network

HelloScience aims to create and share knowledge and opportunities among its ecosystem and encourages everyone involved to reach out to each other. For example, startups will find legal “how-to-guides” which may be helpful when they structure and grow their business, and where appropriate, members of the HelloScience ecosystem may also be able to provide relevant legal or technical assistance, mentoring or contacts. Request an invite to join the platform here!


HelloScience brings its ecosystem together around thematic open calls linked to sustainability, in various formats including opportunities to advance your ideas, as well as opportunities to meet and interact with your peers. Check out the latest challenge here!


Stay up to date with the latest news from the HelloScience community. Every month, we sit down with leading experts and entrepreneurs from around the world to learn how they are spearheading sustainable business innovation and social impact. Sign up here!

Read the HelloScience Annual Report