About HelloScience

We’re here to fill the gap between idea and solution

Our Purpose

Many promising ideas never get the chance to become reality. Our purpose is to fill the gap between idea and solution.

Novozymes created HelloScience to help bring meaningful ideas to life. By connecting people and resources, we believe that we can find solutions to the biggest challenges facing us today.

Sustainable solutions start with promising ideas

We are experts in industrial biotechnology, but we know that alone we don’t hold all the answers. We want to partner with anyone who shares our ambition and passion for technology.

By sharing our expertise, technology, and resources, our ambition is to develop ideas into  sustainable solutions, together with you.


Collaboration can lead to unexpected outcomes. We believe that the value of collaboration lies in how it forces you to think differently. Our ambition is to create an ecosystem of partners, who collaborate, inspire, and develop sustainable solutions together. By sharing responsibility we can solve the global challenges.

Become a partner

Our ambition is to create an ecosystem of collaborators and partners, with a shared vision for a sustainable future. Interested?

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  • Partner: Climate-KIC
  • Partner: Grundfos
  • Partner: Novozymes