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HelloScience is an open innovation network started by Novozymes – based on the simple idea that two great minds are better than one. This is the strength of any collaborative approach and the very essence of Novozymes’ strategy ‘Partnering for impact’. 

With HelloScience, we are inviting every capable mind and/or company out there to partner for impact and create impactful solutions faster and more efficiently. With or without Novozymes. 

It doesn’t matter if you are an established business, a freshly founded startup or simply have a great idea. If you can contribute with knowledge, a great idea or an impactful solution, this is the place for you.   

"We believe that biotech plays a big part in solving global problems and HelloScience is an attempt to openly call for solutions from innovators across the globe."

Quote: Sebastian Søderberg, VP New Business Development, Incubation & Acquisitions, Novozymes:

Share. Receive. Accelerate.

On HelloScience we share technology and expertise from Novozymes & Grundfos while providing you with easy access to industry experts. 

When you share your solution on HelloScience, Novozymes' and Grundfos' experts will help where they can. This includes competent feedback, access to technology, expert knowledge and maybe even joint development opportunities if your solution truly has the potential to make a substantial impact.

With easy access to technology and expertise you get the opportunity to accelerate your solution and to partner for impact – with Novozymes, Grundfos or other members of the network. 

Why are we doing this now?

Large parts of the world are facing several serious challenges – some of which are addressed in the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. The world is in desperate need for solutions that can make an impact. 

However, for every challenge, there are also opportunities – and Novozymes believes the use of biological solutions will play a big role in solving these major global challenges. More so, we believe several collaborative approaches across borders, expertise and technology are necessary.

Our journey starts with addressing the major global issue of water scarcity for which we have listed a number of specific challenges. We hope you will join us in finding a way to solve them.

Our offering!

We will continuously offer several ‘SciCubes’ every month to help you accelerate your solution faster. Each SciCube contains a selection of enzymes and/or microorganisms, sensors & cloud system, and further access to science experts, including the investments team and relevant industry business teams from both Novozymes and Grundfos.

The HelloScience team will choose the winners of the SciCubes based on their relevance to the challenge and innovative approach.

But there is more. At the end of a challenge, we will reward one company with the opportunity to co-develop their solution with Novozymes or Grundfos. This prize will go to the company/solution in which we see the biggest potential.

Welcome to the HelloScience network.


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