A Strong Foundation: Startups and Legal Insight from Kromann Reumert

What will the future of cleaning look like? That was the question discussed when the innovation platform HelloScience, Kromann Reumert and others explained their view on future cleaning needs in the wake of COVID-19 at the LiveLab event we hosted in November 2020. Kromann Reumert participated as legal ecosystem partner for the LiveLab challenge. As member of the panel, attorney Heela Lakanval addressed the challenges facing the entrepreneurs following the COVID-19 pandemic and the possible solutions. 

“As a part of the HelloScience ecosystem, Kromann Reumert has a unique opportunity to influence and create a sustainable future and contribute indirectly to meeting some of the UN Global Goals. COVID-19 has made us look at cleaning in a new way. Now, it is not just a matter of cleaning in the traditional sense. It is also a matter of security and freedom. It was inspiring to see so many new sustainable cleaning solutions”, says Heela.

“As a lawyer, I provide advice and assistance to entrepreneurs. I outline the legal pitfalls which may come as a surprise to a start-up, focusing on the opportunities provided by the law rather than the limitations.”

Heela Lakanval, Attorney at Kromann Reumert

Anne Cathrine (left) and Heela (right)

Simon (left), Max (center), and Tom (right)

“For Skosh, the LiveLab was the start for an interesting journey to explore the full potential of microbial cleaning together with Novozymes and the HelloScience ecosystem.”

Tom Hackenberg, Co-Founder & CFO at SKOSH

Following the LiveLab Kromann Reumert met with SKOSH in a 1:1 meeting to answer some of the questions that could take SKOSH to the next step expanding their market to Europe. You can follow how this work is unfolding via the HelloScience Collaboration Space.

Anne Cathrine Dahlgaard in dialog with SKOSH in the new ‘Collaboration Space’ feature.