4Life and Red Cross

HelloScience is happy to announce a new collaboration between 4Life Solutions (formerly known as SolarSack) and the International Red Cross in Kenya, to bring clean drinking water to people throughout the region. 

Our collaboration with the Red Cross is going to be fundamental for the way that we structure our company in the future. ”

Alexander Løcke

CTO & Founder, 4Life

Alex Løcke, founder of 4Life Solutions shared his thoughts on the announcement:

“I’m very thankful for this collaboration that HelloScience has been able to set up for us together with the Red Cross. It’s going to be very fundamental for us to increase our worth as a company. Our collaboration with the Red Cross – handing out 10,000 products to the local families to see how they interact with it and seeing how it’s going to be part of this commercial setup – will be fundamental for the way that we structure our company in the future. It will also be important for determining who we get to work together with this set up in the future.”

He continued to share some of the details of the collaboration, mentioning: “We are able to hand out 10,000 bags to the locals. We’re going to do it through a for-profit system where we educate local women and health teams to go around and do social marketing around our products. And this way we create jobs. And we actually created an economic incentive for people to pick up our product and also to sell the product. And in this way, we test the business model of our company – as a way to prove that we can really scale between borders and scale without the help of bigger subsidized systems. And this is how we really want to create change.”

“The SaWa bag is to own a product that can address this market of about 2 billion people who currently don’t have access to safe drinking water. And that’s because at a sales price of about two dollars, we are actually available for the local economy. That means that people can buy locally, adopt it and in that way bring safe drinking water to their family for one year. In addition there is also the big environmental impact of saving around 500 kilos of CO2 for being emitted – because the only alternative is boiling the water with charcoal and that emits it smoke.”

Alex finished by sharing the continued international ambitions for 4Life, “The bag is developed in East Africa for East Africa and that is where we have the most traction right now. But we are slowly opening our borders and moving to India. And this is something that we have done together with the HelloScience network. And I think India is a great opportunity. There’s a lot of people, maybe a little higher economy. It’s a good distribution network. And I think that it’s really somewhere where we can prove our worth.”

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