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Partner Ecosystem


Novozymes is a world leader in biological solutions with more than 70 years experience working in the industry. Novozymes’ ambition is to create an innovation  ecosystem of partners who have a shared vision of sustainable development. 

Visit Novozymes’ website



Grundfos is a global leader in pump and water systems, with over 18,000 employees working across 56 countries around the world. Grundfos is driven to pioneer innovative technology to improve the quality of life for our planet and everyone on it.

Visit Grundfos’ website


Climate-KIC is the leading European knowledge and innovation community working towards a zero-carbon economy. Supported by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology, Climate-KIC  helps society mitigate and adapt to climate change.

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Kromann Reumert

Kromann Reumert is the leading law firm in Denmark and has an established practice group of highly experienced lawyers within the start-up and life science sectors. Already engaged in various projects with a green and sustainable focus, we want to contribute to a sustainable world by doing what we do best: legal counselling.

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We offer

  • Mentorship

    Every month we select ideas to receive a session with our partner experts and scientists. These sessions are normally a 1 hour conversation with 2-3 scientists.

  • Microgrants

    Every month we select ideas to receive an in-kind grant up to 1000$ USD, to cover any necessary expenses to get you to the next step.

  • Access to technology

    Our partners offer open access to relevant technology. Grundfos offers access to sensor and digital technology. Novozymes offers access to its collection of enzymes and microbes.

  • Pitch coaching

    Once your idea is ready to take the next step, we offer expert pitch coaching and support, to help you get into your 1st choice accelerator or incubator.

Become a partner

Our ambition is to create an ecosystem of collaborators and partners, with a shared vision for a sustainable future. Interested?

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