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Welcome to HelloScience – An Open Innovation Network

The network is all about encouraging bright people to connect and collaborate in solving the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We start with goal number 6 to ensure access to water and sanitation for all. 

We invite you to join no matter if you are an innovator, a start-up or small business, an industry expert, NGO or association. If you share your solution on HelloScience, we share our technology and knowledge – imagine what we can do together!



Get access to valuable expertise and technology by joining the helloscience network

Open Scientists

The Open Scientists are experts and mentors provided by our partners. They will be engaged in the community. This means that you can get access to valuable knowledge by collaborating on helloscience.


Each month, the partners offer several unique SciCubes to the community. The SciCubes are packed with carefully selected resources to boost the chosen solution.

Co-development agreement

Let’s make an impact. The winner of a co-development agreement will get expert resources as well as lab access for trials or prototyping and specialist expertise within R&D, commercial and IP.

Open Scientists

Gernot J. Abel

Science Manager, Discovery, Novozymes

Fields of Expertise: Enzymes & applications, assays, analytical methods, biosensors and open innovation

Emilie Stage Tingskou

Director, Incubation Development, Novozymes

Leader of the global HelloScience initiative.

Alexander Moldt Nielsen

Business Development Specialist, Scouting & Exploration, Novozymes

Fields of Expertise: Business development, partnership collaborations, events and challenge development.

Alfred Birkegaard Hansted

Collaborative Innovation Specialist, Incubation Development, Novozymes

Fields of Expertise: Collaborative Innovation, Radical partnerships, Philosophy of Science, Photography and (DIY) Filmmaking

Claus Michael Andersen

Senior Manager, Legal, Novozymes

Fields of Expertise: General legal issues within intellectual property, confidentiality and other areas of legal nature

Sebastian Reinhold Sørensen

Sebastian Reinhold Sørensen, Novozymes

Fields of Expertise: Microbial bioprospecting, bacteriology, drinking water, bioremediation, bioaugmentation, biofilters, biofouling, nutrient recycling and biodegradation of organic contaminants 

Kirk Matthew Schnorr

Senior Science Manager, Microbial Enzyme Discovery, Novozymes

Fields of Expertise: Enzyme diversity, biodiversity, biotechnology innovation, agriculture, Animal Health & Nutrition

Loreen Ople Villacorte

Senior Water Technology Engineer, Grundfos

Fields of expertise: Water treatment, membrane technology, water desalination, fouling control, water quality analyses.

Rikke Eriksen Gissel

Water Technology Engineer, Grundfos

Fields of Expertise: Water Treatment, with special focus on ultrafiltration, coagulation, process control and industrial water treatment

Dominik Dominiak

Lead Water Technology Engineer, Grundfos

Fields of expertise: Water and wastewater treatment, process engineering, process control

Christian Smith

Lead engineer, Grundfos

Fields of expertise: Iot platform design, innovation, technology evangelism, bacteria sensing, uv disinfection.

Allan Skovgaard

Director, Grundfos

Fields of expertise: Strategy- and business development within Emerging Water Technologies. Adviser, Board- and Business Review Team member in various companies.

Peter Elvekjær

Technical Consultant, Grundfos

Fields of expertise: Ideation, technology/science. Out of the box thinking, sometimes too far out.

Jesper Ravn Lorenzen

Global product manager, Grundfos

Fields of expertise: Business model and value proposition design, new business creation and commercialisation, due diligence, innovation management.

Poul Toft Frederiksen

Principal Scientist, Grundfos

Fields of expertise: Materials, power and energy systems, water

Henrik Juul Nielsen

Senior Manager, Grundfos

Fields of expertise: Business model and value proposition design, customer experience research and design, due diligence, innovation management.

Shufang Zhao

Scientist, Environmental Bio-Technology, Novozymes

Bo Højris

Lead Water Technology Engineer, Grundfos

Christopher C. Flannery

Manager, Technical Sales, Novozymes
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